Cleaner Energy &
a Sustainable Future

NVC Precast improves their sustainability profile while saving with environmentally friendly commercial solar.


North-Vic Constructions originated in 1989 as a bridge construction company with contracts extending throughout most of Victoria. NVC Precast now proudly stands as a market leader in prestressed and precast concrete for the civil construction industry across Victoria and New South Wales

As a future-focused and community-minded company, NVC Precast sought to improve their impact on the environment, and were also experiencing some of the highest network charges in Victoria.


Choice Energy combined a range of energy management and efficiency services to maximise NVC Precast’s ongoing and immediate power costs and sustainability profile. A 50 kW commercial solar system has dramatically reduced the carbon footprint and greenhouse emissions, while procurement and metering ensures what grid energy is required is optimised.

Choice Energy was also delighted to assist General Manager Ortensio Caroli with a residential solar system, ensuring he is saving energy at work and at home.


50 kW

Choice Energy ascertained that a 50kW system would meet the needs of NVC Precast while dramatically lower their carbon footprint


Each year, the commercial solar system will reduce NVC Precast’s CO2 emissions by the equivalent of nearly 25,000kgs of burned coal.


Likewise, the system will reduce the greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to the removal of 10.6 standard passenger vehicles from the road each year.


“We were happy with not only the installation, but the design and engineering of the right system for us. Choice Energy took the time to understand our energy usage, and rather than focus on the biggest system possible, created something that met our goals and needs”

— Ortensio Caroli, General Manager Business and Finance

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