Bridge construction australia

Bridge Construction Australia

Bridge construction Australia is an essential part of many projects. The projects that may require bridges include replacing old or unfit for purposes bridges, new constructions aimed at easing traffic congestion, creating safe pathways for pedestrians, and improving the entire transport system into a safer network (e.g., level crossing removal project). NVC Precast has been involved in all types of bridge construction projects, our team understands the unique nature of these builds and how we can add value to the overall process. 

At NVC Precast, we can handle the construction and delivery of the beams, pier columns, crossheads, abutments, and other elements needed for bridge construction Australia. All the components of a bridge project can be created in our facility, based in the Hume Corridor, and the individual parts are transported to the construction project site for assembly.

The benefits of bridge construction Australia

Bridge construction in Australia is often a part of major road infrastructure upgrades and new highways. Bridges are commonly used in road projects but are also a part of upgraded rail networks and pedestrian transport. Bridges can also be used to traverse waterways and reduce travel times for all types of motor vehicles.

Bridges deliver three critical benefits during and after construction is completed, and these include:

A critical component of local and national infrastructure

Bridges allow for faster transport, reducing travel times for raw materials to be delivered to their destination. As travel times are reduced, it can lower the cost of goods, which can significantly impact people living in the area.

Bridges also provide a new way of travelling for residents and allow them access to communities that may have previously been inaccessible or not practical to visit regularly. When bridges close or become unusable due to maintenance issues or damage, the impact on the local area can be high and temporary measures are often put in place until a new bridge can be constructed.

A positive economic impact on nearby areas

Bridge construction in Australia requires many workers, and the salaries earned by these workers will likely be spent on local businesses. If the bridge is constructed in a remote region, the workers may require a place to stay during the entire project. 

Increase cash flow between two places

Bridges are often used to connect two places, and they make transport more appealing. This can increase trade between these two locations. It can also mean the two areas are open to an increased talent pool of workers, creating competition between businesses and increasing wages for local workers.

After the bridge is completed, it will require a reasonable amount of maintenance and inspections to keep it functioning. While modern bridge construction means new bridges can last longer periods, they still require consistent maintenance by a dedicated team.

Types of bridge construction in Australia

NVC Precast can supply a wide selection of bridging and platforms. The exact type of bridge used in any project will rely on many factors, such as height, load, width, and where it is being constructed. Engineers will determine the best fit for any location and may use some or any of these elements in the construction process.

Two of the best aspects of using precast elements in bridge construction are the quality of the finish and the build speed. As elements can be mass-produced off-site, they can be delivered when required and installed quickly.

Precast Arches

Precast arches can deliver a cost-effective and high-performance solution while providing a visually appealing structure. Arches are suitable for various applications, and they are interesting to look at, which makes them ideal for suburban applications. Precast arches can also be used to maintain the look and design of heritage features often found on historical and popular bridges.

In addition to looking great, using arches in a bridge offers minimal maintenance and impressive durability, making them ideal for reducing ongoing costs. 

Prestressed Piles, Decks & Girders

The piles, decks, and girders created at NVC Precast are created to meet all road authority specifications. These prestressed items are suited to all manner of bridge construction, and as they can be mass-produced, there are few limits to the size of the bridge being constructed.

Bridge Decking

Precast deck panels are often used instead of cast-in-place concrete decks. These prefabricated systems are poured and cast off-site and then delivered to the project site for installation. The panels in the precast deck can be connected progressively with closure pours.

Precast Concrete Bridge Construction in Australia

Australia has some brilliant bridges, and many of these make use of precast concrete in their construction. The most common use for bridges made using precast concrete products is in highway, rail, pedestrian, and cycling bridges. 

There are many benefits to using precast concrete in bridge construction, including using prestressed concrete beams, which will increase the load capacity. The required elements can be mass-produced and delivered onsite, which will speed up the process and limit the disruption to surrounding traffic. Using a precast concrete facility capable of producing a high-quality product in a secure and quality-controlled setting can allow for the construction of larger beams and these can be used for longer span bridges.

The benefits of using precast concrete for bridge construction include:

  • Structurally Superior
  • High-Level Quality Control
  • Durability
  • Higher Load Capacity
  • Less Formwork and Propping Required
  • Sustainable
  • Faster Construction Times
  • Safer Construction Method
  • High-Quality Finish

Bridge construction with NVC Precast

NVC Precast can assist with all types of precast cement bridge construction in South East Australia. Our team are experienced, and we’ve been involved with bridge construction for over thirty plus years. You can see a sample of our recently completed projects here

Our team are experienced, and all our precast concrete products are made in our facility, strategically located in the Hume corridor. We have lift capabilities which mean we can manufacture large scale projects and deliver them on-site to locations all over Victoria and Southern New South Wales. 

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