NVC Precast has evolved over 29 years into an entity difficult to replicate. Our purpose-built facility specialises in the manufacture of precast concrete products for all civil construction infrastructure projects.  Our manufacturing site is strategically located within the Hume Highway corridor, providing ease of access to major construction sites throughout the south eastern section of Australia.

Our facilities are sizeable giving us a versatile precast yard with enviable onsite precast and pretensioned concrete manufacturing and storage. 

Our precast concrete manufacturing capability includes: L-beams; U-beams; T- beams; planks; deck slabs; abutments; retaining walls; crossheads; prestressed concrete piles, large precast pits and parapet walls. 

Our lift capacity allows large elements to be produced in precast.


Successful relationships with our employees and our customers are what set us apart. Quality, safety and performance are the results of our people-oriented focus, which has made us a leader in our industry.

We are proud of our long running history in road and bridge construction projects. The commitment and quality of design and construct of low maintenance structures is the fabric of our DNA.

Many of our construction locations have included environmentally sensitive areas as well as urban and rural areas.

Our experience includes projects with the highest specifications and quality standards in the industry. Design and Construct is a real strength due to our ‘in-house’ capabilities.


Capable of maximising the result and delivering projects of complexity and scope. 

Our employees are acclaimed experts in areas of project construction, management, engineering, pile foundation, pile extraction and earth retaining systems.

We have drawn on the success and expertise to undertake general piling works such as bored piles and driven piles. 

Our production facility has been continually developed to enable the manufacture of our high quality, reinforced concrete pile system and concrete beams.