NVC Precast has the capacity to take on wide range of piling works. Our piling equipment, including, Hydraulic Impact Hammers, Vibrating Hammers, Rotary Drill Rig, Power Packs, leaders and access false-work allows us to utilise our crawler cranes and rotary drill to complete driven piles in steel, timber, PSRC piles, RC piles, steel shell piles, sheet piles and bored piles up 1200mm in diameter.


We cast our own Pre-Stressed Reinforced Concrete (PSRC) and passive Reinforced Concrete (RC) piles in-house including pile bands, shoes and splice joints when required for 350, 400 and 450 square piles.


We have undertaken works requiring lateral thinking to complete piles “out of position”  or with difficult access. Many of these are over water and at radius of up to 36.0 to 40.M . An example of this is we just completed driving 10 tonne PSRC piles at 38.0 M including 750 dia. shell piles for our false-work at 44.0 M radius.

At NVC Precast our design capacity for piles and false-work includes in-house drafting. If required, a range of testing services can be completed and coupled with our project management and Integrated Management System.

Our fully integrated management systems and ISO accreditation ensure that we have all of the documentation and records required by your client.

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