Our Precast Concrete capabilities include facilities for the casting of deck slabs, abutments, crossheads, precast pits, retaining walls and parapet walls.


The operation include 29000m2 of engineered hardstand works area, serviced by four Crawler Cranes (2 x No. 55T, 1 x No. 90T and 1 x No. 280T) giving us a versatile precast yard with enviable onsite manufacturing and storage capacities.


With our team of engineers and technical specialists we provide In-house drafting and steel fabrication capacity for a quick solution and set up of moulds for production.

L-Beams and U-Beams


  • Dedicated 115 lineal metre radiant heat cured bed fitted with external vibrators.
  • Two 1800 tonne slow release stressing jacks.
  • Two 80T x 40m span Portal Gantry Cranes covering a working area of approximately 8000m2 are dedicated to the movement of these propriety cages, beams and shutters.
  • T-beams – providing production versatility. With capacity to precast T-beams ranging in depths from 400mm to 1.8m deep and up to 3.3m wide are radiant heat cured.
  • Steel and Reinforcing fabrication facility serviced by two 20T dual hoist cranes.
  • 80 lineal metre bed with external vibrators and 1500 tonne slow release stressing jacks. The 140lm reinforcing prefabrication jig and two 50T x 25.0m span Portal Gantry Cranes covering a working area of approximately 6000m2 with a total length of 260lm, all in a fully enclosed precast facility allows for a single day turnaround.

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