Kilmore Precast Concrete Business Thrives

The story behind one of Victoria’s longest standing precast companies clearly represents what it means to be an Aussie success. Hard work, learning from others and seeing an opportunity led to a fearless leap of faith that years on makes NVC Precast an organisation that has seen it all.

For more than 30 years NVC Precast Managing Director, Dan Kleinitz has been providing precast, constructions and piling services to Victoria and Southern New South Wales. Having spent three decades in the industry means he has seen the highs and the lows.  C4 Business Bulletin writer, James Parker asked Mr Kleinitz to share his career, learnings and insights in to an industry that he says is continually evolving.

How did you get into this industry?

In some ways by default. At the age of 21, I was asked to join a small crew as a subby constructing bridges on the Princess Hwy between Eden and Cann River. This work was almost completely new to me and the challenge of doing something different excited me. I quickly learnt the skill set I had gained as fitter welder,