Our Capabilities

What We Do!

The team at NVC Precast work closely with our clients, from concept to manufacture. With every project we work with you to understand the requirements to deliver onsite efficiencies and enhanced quality control throughout the supply of precast elements. It is our attention to detail that has brought a demand for bespoke projects, combined with the benefits of volume manufacture. 

Located in Kilmore Victoria, our Precast Concrete capabilities include in-house drafting, fabrication plus precast facilities for the casting of deck slabs, abutments, crossheads, precast pits, columns, retaining walls and parapet walls. Our purpose-built production facility offers a range of established casting beds with production capacity and flexibility to meet construction deadlines.

Casting Deck Services

Our casting deck is serviced by crawler cranes with up to 280 tonnes of lifting capacity for casting large segments.  We cast various civil construction concrete elements such as;

• Crossheads
• Headstocks
• Approach Slabs
• Bridge Deck Slabs
• Abutments
• Segmental Wingwalls
• Deflection Walls

Dedicated Crosshead/Headstock
Casting Moulds

From 50 tonnes to 90 tonnes forms have been cast and transported to site for installation. Our tailor made facility is designed for large cross heads and head stocks, with in-house design, drafting, shop detailing and steel fabrication. The specifically designed moulds and quality inspection jigs allows us to design complex profiles to meet the high tolerances demanded for assembly on site.

Our capabilities include:

  • 2400m2 building for the fabrication of the steel reinforcing and drainage embedment serviced by two 20 tonne gantry cranes.
  • 25,000m2 of Engineered hardstand storage and crawler cranes with lifting capacity ranging from 55 tonne to 280 tonne.
  • Headstocks from 50 tonne to 90 tonne cast, transported to site and installed.

Prestressing Beds from 18m to 115m in Length

Established beds include:

  • 100m of casting beds for narrow planks 600 wide and prestressed piles up to 30m long. Octagonal or square in various sizes such 350, 400, 450, 500.
  • 18m bed that can manufacture elements to 1.8m wide with 50 strands at 15.2mm diameter. Internal forms can be manipulated to suit your design.
  • 3m wide bed for casting versatility in element size and profile. This bed can accommodate up to 70 strand at 15.2mm diameter. This bed at 27m long provides flexibility in prestressed products.
  • 60m bed that is used for casting elements up to 1.9m wide. At 900 deep the bed is used mostly for Planks and T-beams. 
  • Undercover 100m T-beam bed which can accommodate up to 1800mm deep beams, serviced by two 50 tonne gantry cranes.
  • 115m L-Beam bed, 2.2m deep and 4.0m wide this bed has predominately been used for the manufacture of L-Beam segments serviced by two 80 tonne gantry cranes.
NVC Precast is strategically located just north of the Melbourne metro area, we can supply products to all of Victoria, southern NSW and South Australia. 

NVC Precast is a third-party ISO Accredited company, prequalified with both Victorian DoT and RMS in NSW. Visit here to learn more about our Accreditations.

Custom Volume Work

NVC Precast can provide custom volume solutions to the commercial market. If you require precast concrete solutions, we are happy to discuss your custom concrete production requirements. For more information get in touch