Victorian Level Crossing Removal Project

NVC Precast Managing Director Daniel Kleinitz talks to Roads & Infrastructure about working on the Victorian Level Crossing Removal Project and the benefits of precast.

The Victorian Government’s Level Crossing Removal Project is set to reshape the urban design and transport connectivity of the state. While the long-term benefits of the project are largely uncontested, construction is disrupting the morning commute.

To calm the public and reduce construction time, the state government is recognising the benefits of precast manufacturing. This realisation is illustrated in the government’s decision to use precast concrete L-beams as part of level crossing replacement elevated rail.

Civil construction company NVC Precast (NVC), formally North-Vic Constructions, has been tasked with manufacturing the L-beams.

Daniel Kleinitz, NVC Managing Director, says precast concrete elements allow rapid on-line construction in the existing rail network, which is a key requirement of the level crossing project, due to short occupation periods.

“Manufacturing precast components can begin as soon as contracts are approved, meaning on-site construction and off-site manufacture can overlap, which reduces overall construction times,” Mr. Kleinitz says.