Casting the foundations for education

With an increase in major project work, NVC precast has hired apprentices, trainees, interns and supported its own staff with upskilling endeavours. NVC’s employees explain how they are balancing work and study while using their newfound skills at the business.

Department of Employment projections have estimated that between 2019-2024 the number of Australian construction employees with a degree or higher qualification will increase by 11 per cent. Those with a Certificate III, IV or higher are also expected to increase by nearly five per cent.

As NVC Precast are growing in size and picking up contracts with major projects like level crossing removals, the company is looking to increase its contribution to the training of future construction professionals.

Implementing flexible working conditions and providing workers with a practical ground to train in, NVC are brining on apprentices and supporting their staff in higher education.

Roads & Infrastructure had the opportunity to chat with a few of NVC’s staff that are improving their education and in turn helping to build the company.