NVC Precast Joins
Positive Plans - Positive Futures

NVC Precast Signs Up for Positive Plans – Positive Futures Initiative 

July 2021

At NVC Precast we want our people to have a positive work life and be better emotionally, mentally, physically, and socially as a result of this.

There are some very harrowing stats around the mental health of workers in our industry, we need to look at actions for positive outcomes, for our people and their loved ones.  That is why when the opportunity presented itself, we signed up for Positive Plans – Positive Futures, a project developed by Civil Construction Federation, Victoria.

We know that change can only come with proactive communication, listening, learning and  understanding.  The Positive Plans – Positive Futures initiative begins with an independent 3rd party survey, allowing us to gain greater insights into how our business environment and systems of work are perceived by both management and staff.   Working with WorkSafe’s Work Well Mental Health Improvement Fund everyone at NVC Precast was sent the confidential, independent survey. The survey is specifically designed to give us insights and benchmarks across a variety of categories such as:

  • Job demands, workplace environment and change management
  • Access and openness of management and supervisors
  • Equality, fairness, safety, support and recognition
  • Communication and understanding of company policies

For us, it means an opportunity to understand our workplace from the employee’s perspective at all levels. Then as part of the next steps, we will work to develop programs to implement across the business, arming our team with the knowledge and ability to look out for each other, how to recognise the signs when someone is not okay, and how to make a positive change in our communication styles.

Our aim is to use the results to develop key action plans to:

  • prevent work related stress and
  • proactively address burn-out,
  • increase the effectiveness of our communications and support mechanisms and
  • improve mental health outcomes for all workers at all levels

Mentally healthy workplaces are about resilience; it is our goal to develop programs that provide the right information, education, and support to all levels of our workforce.  To do so, we have begun our journey by understanding where we are at.  The next steps are to review then act.

Late last week we received the results of the survey responses, and now we will work with the support of CCF and WorkSafe to understand the results in greater detail, what we can do to improve and better support our employees, how to empower each other to encourage an open culture founded in the effective communication strategies of talk, listen and understand.

Our industry, like many others, is built on mateship, with projects such as Positive Plans – Positive Futures, it is in everyone’s best interests to work together to develop programs that encourage our workforce to look out for each other and for us as s businesses to provide the tools to do so

CCF Victoria supports owners and managers in the civil construction industry to create healthy workplaces by assisting to develop the right action plans for businesses.

Recognising the importance of directly addressing these issues, NVC Precast applied to join the project to take proactive steps to design and introduce practical initiatives. CCF works with us to assist and support, not only our business but other construction businesses, their owners, and managers to build healthy workplaces.

If you would like to be a part of the Positive Plans – Positive Futures, program and take a proactive step in helping us to create a mentally healthy workplace register your interest in the Positive Futures program head to ccfvic.com.au/positive-plans-positive-futures.



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