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5 best Precast Concrete Suppliers

When looking for precast concrete suppliers in Australia, you need to know how to find one suited for your particular construction project. Precast concrete is a specialist manufacturing process that can deliver quality concrete products directly to any job site. Using precast concrete is economical, and suppliers will often handle the project’s design and delivery aspects, so you don’t need to worry about that side of things.

NVC Precast has been working with concrete precast on a large and small scale since we were founded in 1989 by Dan Kleinitz. When NVC Precast was founded, we originally constructed piling foundations and bridges. However, our business has evolved and expanded over the past 30 years of operation. Today, we are a diversified civil construction company that focuses on precast concrete manufacture and supply.

We’ll explore what you can expect from precast concrete suppliers in Australia in this blog. We’ll also examine the types of precast concrete and where these products can be used.

Structural Products

Precast concrete products can be used for a wide variety of projects. When selecting precast concrete suppliers, you can look through that company’s portfolio and see if they have experience making the products you need. Companies will generally specialise in one type of structural precast concrete, but they can usually make anything you need if they have the capabilities.

The structural precast concrete products you can expect from most suppliers will include:

  • Beams, Columns and Building Frame Units
  • Bridge Deck Slabs and Barriers
  • Hollowcore Planks and Beam Shells
  • Retaining Walls
  • Grandstand Seating Plats
  • Stairwells, Lift Wells and Stairway Units
  • Sea Defence Units
  • Crypt Systems

Choose a company that can deliver the whole package

It’s often said that the people will make a company, and we feel that the team at NVC Precast are the best in the business. Our leadership team has a combined experience of over a hundred years, and they have the skills required to lead their teams to produce high-quality products. 

NVC Precast is a market leader in producing prestressed and precast concrete products. Our team regularly supplies precast products to job sites throughout Victoria and southern New South Wales. We rely on the knowledge and experience of our team to keep delivering products today and in the future. 

The NVC Precast head office team is located in the Hume corridor, allowing easy transport of materials to our site. We have a 100,000m2 precast concrete production facility on-site, allowing our team to work with an optimal space to ensure our products are constructed to the highest possible standards. 

The manufacturing capabilities at NVC Precast include:

  • T-Beams
  • L-Beams
  • Planks and Deck Slabs
  • Prestressed Reinforced Concrete Piles
  • Crossheads
  • Abutments
  • and other Precast Concrete products

Precast products for commercial and industrial application

Precast concrete products are versatile and suited to many different projects, such as walls, flooring, and beams in large scale developments. The precast concrete elements can be crafted into various shapes and forms, which is ideal in many situations. The precast concrete exterior is smooth and attractive, making it the ideal product where you have exposed areas. Our products are perfectly poised for use in public works where the build quality is displayed; for example, in pedestrian and motor vehicles bridges.

Precast products are efficient and safe for all types of construction projects. Using experienced precast concrete suppliers means that you can rely on completing your project on time. All our concrete products are delivered directly to the job site and are ready for immediate installation.

Precast products for residential application

Precast walls are available in various finishes, which makes them ideal for many residential projects. In addition to the visual appearance, concrete walls will reduce road noise, absorb CO2, resist mould and mildew, and can withstand most fires.

Precast products for architectural application

Precast concrete can be used as a design element, these materials benefit large projects, including construction cost, product stability, and efficiency in manufacture and construction. Precast concrete can deliver on specific parameters and lends itself to forming attractive and functional finishes.

The precast concrete product uses, features and benefits

As a product, precast concrete is highly flexible, and it can be used in all sorts of applications. The end products are reliable, and construction can be completed quickly. Here are some more benefits and features of precast concrete:

  • Various Designs & Finishes
  • High-Level Heat & Noise Insulation
  • Cost-Effective & Affordable Building Option

Products can be made in a variety of finishes

Precast concrete can be finished in a variety of ways, including:

  • Silicone or Polyurethane
  • Patterned Finishes 
  • Acrylic, Polyurethane or Epoxy Based 
  • Anti-Graffiti Coatings
  • Exposed Aggregate
  • Polished Concrete

Hollowcore flooring

Hollowcore flooring has many advantages, including fire resistance and sound installation, making it ideal for use in apartment and office buildings. Using hollowcore flooring is a common practice across Australia and other parts of the world.

Precast concrete walls

Precast concrete walls can be used in many ways, including load-bearing applications and architectural facades. Concrete walls are excellent for noise reduction, insulation, and fire resistance. These products are ideal in residential areas where road noise is a substantial problem. 

These walls can be made to order, including voids to suit electrical and plumbing works. They can be manufactured in various finishes, styles, and colours. The benefits of using precast concrete walls in a project include:

  • Reduced lost time due to weather
  • Massively reduced construction costs
  • Reduced on-site labour
  • Significantly Increased Safety
  • Significantly faster build times
  • Improved ‘R’ ratings and sound values

Precast Columns & Beams

Precast columns and beams create frameworks and other structural components. These products are relied on to support walls, floors, and stairs. Beams and columns need to be strong enough to provide ample support and offer additional strength to any construction project.

Using precast columns and beams will eliminate the need to provide any on-site formwork. As these beams are produced off-site, they can be ordered in advance and delivered when required, which helps to speed up the entire build process.

What to look for in precast concrete suppliers

At NVC Precast, we can manufacture many types of precast concrete beams and other products. When choosing a precast concrete supplier, you can look at how long the company has been in business and its existing work portfolio.

If possible, you can request a walkthrough of the facilities to see first-hand how the precast concrete products are manufactured. Delivery times and dates are also factors in choosing the best precast concrete suppliers for your project.

You can call NVC Precast and talk to our team leaders to discuss your next project and the types of precast concrete products you need.

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