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There are many Concrete Contractors in Australia. Concrete is the world’s second most used substance, second only to water, and the most used product for construction. In construction, you’ll find that combined steel, timber, aluminium, and plastics are only used around half as much as concrete (in a ton-for-ton ratio). In Australia, the ready-mixed concrete market is valued at around $5.8bn.

As a general guide, people know about concrete and how it can be used in various civil and commercial projects. However, they may not know where to find the best concrete contractors to help with a specific project. This article will cover some of the basics of concrete, including how to find the best concrete contractors for your project. 

Concrete contractors in Australia

The concrete industry in Australia is extensive and covers many different types of businesses. There are manufacturers, mining operations, ready-mix operators, precast suppliers, and concrete product producers (bricks, tiles, etc.).

NVC Precast operates within the concrete industry in Australia, and our focus is on manufacturing and delivering precast concrete beams, t-beams, PSRC piles, RC piles, abutments, columns, crossheads and other products for civil engineering and commercial projects. The type of concrete contractors you need depends on your specific project. For example, if you require precast beams for a civil engineering project, you can talk to our team, and we can handle the design, construction, and delivery to the project site.

What is concrete?

Concrete is technically an artificial stone substance, and it is created by mixing a binding agent, water, and aggregate. A supporting element is added when additional strength is required, including materials such as steel bars (e.g., rebar). The exact products and ratios used in concrete depend on the manufacturer and the final product’s intended use. 

After all the ingredients are mixed (including colouring agents if required), a chemical reaction occurs, and the components are bound together to form a solid mass. After a certain amount of time (approximately seven days in ideal temperatures), the concrete cures to form a rock-like mass.

Concrete is incredibly versatile, and it can be formed into a variety of shapes and sizes. The use of concrete in construction is widespread because of its durability, low maintenance, high-quality finish and low cost. Concrete offers a fast construction method for creating all types of large and small-scale structures. When used in a precast facility, individual parts of a building (columns, bridges, etc.) can be manufactured to specific guidelines and repeated as many times as required. 

Precast concrete is a popular manufacturing choice for larger projects (warehouses, bridges, car parks, etc.). It can result in a fast build as components are replicated easily and then delivered on-site for installation. As transportation methods have improved, it is possible to deliver large precast concrete products directly to where they’re needed. This type of construction process has the potential to reduce project budgets and finish complicated projects in a faster timeframe.

How to find the best concrete contractors for your project

When you’re looking for concrete contractors, you’ll need to research and find that they can complete the work. The concreting industry is large, and most operators will specialise in one particular element. You can find contractors only working for residential homes and others focusing on large-scale civil engineering projects. After determining the type of concrete contractor you need, you can start narrowing down your list of operators.

Many concrete contractors will work in a specific region, and it may be best to search for those that are local to your area. For example, NVC Precast mainly operates in Victoria and Southern NSW, which is ideal if you have a project in those areas. Adapting a design to suit precast concrete products is ideal as there are few limits on travel distances. Using precast concrete products means that a project manager can choose from a greater selection of contractors, instead of relying on the skills of those nearest.  

After selecting a few concrete contractors, it is time to investigate further and see if they’ll match your project goals. 

Look through their portfolios

The best concrete contractors will have a portfolio listed online (or one that can be emailed), and you should look through these, checking for the work quality. If possible, you can visit the site and inspect the project thoroughly. While visiting project sites can be time-consuming, seeing the work up close can give you a good indication of the quality that a particular contractor can produce.

Ideally, the contractor you choose should have several projects completed similar to the one you’re building. If they have completed several projects, you can ask follow-up questions about the project. When you’re asking questions, you should get a good feel for the company, and it can help you determine if they align with your values and if you are a good fit for each other.

Checking customer references

Talking to past customers will give you a good indication about your selected concrete contractors. While looking at the work completed is a good sign, knowing how the company worked with others can give you a good guide if they can deliver on what they say they will. For example, you may prefer to work with a company that not only does excellent work but that is great to work with. You can ask questions including: What are their employees like? Did they complete the work on time and within the specified budget? How do they cope under pressure?

You can rely on online reviews if you can’t contact customers directly. Research the company through online sources such as Google, Facebook, Choice, and Trustpilot.

Level of experience and price

In Australia, becoming a concreter requires no formal training. However, most business owners have it in their best interests to educate themselves as much as possible. Concrete contractors completing shoddy work won’t last very long, which is why how long a company has been in business is essential. In Victoria, VicRoads has a list of contractors and businesses that are prequalified to complete works. Checking this list is an excellent method for knowing if a contractor can complete work to the required standards.

Price is often tied to experience, and you’ll usually pay more for a product from a company with experienced staff. Getting quotes for a project can give you a good indication of how much a project will cost, and then you can choose a contractor with a good amount of experience for your projected budget.

Insurance, guarantees, and warranties

A company will often back their work by offering guarantees and warranties on workmanship. Insurance will usually cover any damage caused by poor workmanship and faulty products. Concrete contractors with good insurance and offer guarantees or warranties of their products are more likely to complete excellent work.

NVC Precast are concrete contractors for many projects

If your project requires precast concrete, the NVC Precast team can deliver exceptional products. Call our team today to discuss your project and see how our expert team can provide a quality solution.

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